Hello there, nice to meet you. My name is Dominic and I am a graphic designer. I work for startups, big brands and freelance with design studios and agencies. 

This is what I do:

Corporate Design

Clearly position a company within the market, and create a coherent visual appearance that spans all areas of the company.

Art Direction

If you already have an existing corporate design. I can help to apply your design consistently across the various applications and ensure a coherent and professional appearance.

Magazine and book design

Will a Michelin star meal taste just as good when you serve it it a styrofoam cup? It surely won’t. Presentation plays a huge part. High quality editorial content should be presented with the same attention to detail.  This starts with the design of the cover and ends with the right paper stock and the best binding method.

I have over 4 years (50 issues) of experience art directing novum one of the oldest graphic design magazines in the world. I have also done a few book covers along the way, and entire books as well.

Digital Graphics

I create graphics for websites, blogs, youtube and social media channels, see my work for white duck for example.


Wether you are a small startup or international enterprise – Branding helps you tell a story. And stories are the oldest and best way to communicate. 

Logos & Icons

A Logo is the face of your brand. Of course your brand has arms and hands and legs as well – that’s part of the whole – the Corporate Design. But the face, that’s what people remember!

So while the logo is usually part of the Corporate Design, I am emphasizing it as its own point, because even if you decide to design everything on your own – have your logo done by a professional.

UI Design

If a clear layout and well structured content is important for the readability and effectiveness of magazines, flyers and brochures – it is essential for digital content.

Wayfinding Systems

Design helps. Take an office building for instance – and your next big meeting in room 4.125. If the wayfinding system in the building is well implemented you‘ll be there on time :).

I have done signage system for a doctors office, as well as several office buildings.


If a picture says a thousand words – then an illustration can say even more. Illustrations can effectively communicate even abstract content, or add visual appeal to things that are otherwise difficult to make visually intriguing.

Live Painting + Artwork

a high impact way to communicate for shops or venues, that engages customers and people passing by. Perfect for temporary campaigns or special events, the paint can be removed from glas again easily.

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This is some of my work:

Book Covers

We do judge books by their cover! Here are some that I have designed.
[view project]

Dr. Hiedl

A new Corporate Design for the Paediatrician. [view project]

30 Years – Patagonia Store Munich

Hand drawn artwork on the Shops main windows to celebrate the anniversary.[view project]

Vanishing Lines

Save the glaciers. [view project]


An Identity full of local flavour for the little green wagon in Wasserburg. [view project]


Bericht für den Landkreis München. [view project]


Licensing as a service. [view project]


A special box for the classic backpack. [view project]

European Elections

Poster for the Europe-wide design initiative to increase voting rates in the European Elections. [view project]

Creative Paper

Identity for the Creative Paper Conference 2016 [view project]

Die Geschichte der Gebrauchsgraphik


novum CD

Corporate Design for the editorial office of the historic design magazine. [view project]

Patagonia München

All Dams are dirty!

novum Magazin

Art Direktion

Traffic Magazin


Book Covers

R&M wedding invites

Say yes!

Shady Business

Corporate Design for RSR GmbH, who provide and install blinds, shades, patio roofs, etc. . [view project]

Selected companies I have worked with:



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