Creative Paper <br />Conference 2016

Creative Paper Conference The Creative Paper Conference is a bi-annual trade fair and design conference. Here, creatives meet with printers, paper manufacturers and experts for print finishing and book binding. The two-day event was held in Munich’s „Alte Kongresshalle“ a beautiful mid-century concert venue in Munich. My job was to create a complete set of […]

Corporate Design <br />for RS-Reiser

I was given the opportunity to develop a logo and corporate design for „Rollladen + Sonnenschutz Reiser.“ The young business sets itself apart from its competitors in the profession by the clean and minimal appearance. Title: Rollladen + Sonnenschutz Reiser | Client: RS-Reiser | Year: 2016 | Project Type: Branding, Corporate Design

novum Magazine <br />Corporate Design

corporate design for novum magazine During my work for the international graphic design magazine „novum“ I also refreshed the corporate design for the magazine itself. To ensure visual consistency during communication with readers, clients and partners I designed business cards, letterheads, mail stickers and further printed material. The magazine’s website was also redesigned to create […]

Creative Paper <br />Conference 2014

The Creative Paper Conference is a biennial trade fair and conference about paper, printing and design. The event aims to foster communication between printers, producers and designers. For the 2014 conference, the objective was to create a consistent visual appearance throughout the conference that reflects the habtic properties of paper. Title: Creative Paper Conference 2014 […]

Logo for the <br />Youth Olympic <br />Snow Festival

Logo for the Youth Olympic Snow Festival 2011 in Innsbruck

While working for Melville Brand Design, I was asked to design a logo for the Youth Olympic Snow Festival in Innsbruck. Title: Youth Olympic Snow Festival Innsbruck | Client: for Melville Brand Design | Year: 2011 | Project Type: Logo

Hirschgarten Branding

Blackboard as a part of the Hirschgarten Rebranding Project

For this fictional university assignment we chose to redesign Munich’s largest beergarden, reducing the design to bare essentials. Hence, we created a custom typeface to find a balance between a modern sleek appearance and the visual cues usually associated with traditional bavarian beergarden. Done in cooperation with Jonas Hirschmann. Advisor: Prof. Xuyen Dam | Client: Fictional Rebranding | In […]