Creative Paper <br />Conference 2016

Creative Paper Conference The Creative Paper Conference is a bi-annual trade fair and design conference. Here, creatives meet with printers, paper manufacturers and experts for print finishing and book binding. The two-day event was held in Munich’s „Alte Kongresshalle“ a beautiful mid-century concert venue in Munich. My job was to create a complete set of […]

Corporate Design <br />for RS-Reiser

I was given the opportunity to develop a logo and corporate design for „Rollladen + Sonnenschutz Reiser.“ The young business sets itself apart from its competitors in the profession by the clean and minimal appearance. Title: Rollladen + Sonnenschutz Reiser | Client: RS-Reiser | Year: 2016 | Project Type: Branding, Corporate Design

Wedding Invitations

R&M wedding invites I designed wedding invites and stationery for a summer wedding on an organic estate just outside of Munich. The invites were printed on creme-colored Munken Paper, and the custom illustrations of the bride and groom were kept light and delicate to match the flowers at the wedding. The stationary included the invites, […]

novum Magazine <br />Corporate Design

corporate design for novum magazine During my work for the international graphic design magazine „novum“ I also refreshed the corporate design for the magazine itself. To ensure visual consistency during communication with readers, clients and partners I designed business cards, letterheads, mail stickers and further printed material. The magazine’s website was also redesigned to create […]

Gebrauchsgraphik <br />1924-1944 Book Design

This is a book about the early days of „Gebrauchsgraphik“ magazine, one of the world’s oldest periodical design publications. Together with Philip Rössler from the University of Erfurt and in cooperation with the SLUB library in Dresden, the book was made to provide a resource for designers and historians/academic scholars alike. It provides a glimpse […]

novum Magazine <br />Issue 08.2014

In addition to doing the complete art direction and editorial design of novum magazine, I was also given the opportunity to design custom artwork for some of the covers. This issue focussed on designing identities for small businesses. In order to compete with giant global corporations and deep-pocketed business empires, tiny brands have to find […]

Creative Paper <br />Conference 2014

The Creative Paper Conference is a biennial trade fair and conference about paper, printing and design. The event aims to foster communication between printers, producers and designers. For the 2014 conference, the objective was to create a consistent visual appearance throughout the conference that reflects the habtic properties of paper. Title: Creative Paper Conference 2014 […]

Traffic Issue 28

the cover of Traffic Issue 28

While working for Abc&d in Munich, I had the chance to do the layout for issue 28 of the free Berlin-based newspaper „Traffic News to go.“ We were able to use fashion-photography from photographer Tobias Wirth which made the issue very exciting. Title: Traffic – News to-go Issue 28 | Client: for Abc&d/Superbo Berlin | Year: 2013 […]

Jetzt und auf Erden <br />Book Cover Design

Book Cover for Jim Thompson's Jetzt und auf Erden

Book Covers A growing collection of book and magazine covers I have designed for different publishers and authors.Heine Hardcore and ZS-Verlag books in co-operation with: Melville Brand Design

Apples and Oranges <br />(Bachelor Thesis)

Cover of the bachelor project

When a weather satellite crashed on Mars in 1999, the 120 million dollar accident was traced back to a metric conversion mistake the engineers at NASA had made. Even if the conversion of metric to imperial units rarely has consequences this dramatic, it still remains a frequent source of error within transatlantic communication. As an […]

Hirschgarten Branding

Blackboard as a part of the Hirschgarten Rebranding Project

For this fictional university assignment we chose to redesign Munich’s largest beergarden, reducing the design to bare essentials. Hence, we created a custom typeface to find a balance between a modern sleek appearance and the visual cues usually associated with traditional bavarian beergarden. Done in cooperation with Jonas Hirschmann. Advisor: Prof. Xuyen Dam | Client: Fictional Rebranding | In […]